Web Development

I have had 6 years of experience creating WordPress website. I have created 20+ websites for clients as well as myself. I have built ecommerce websites for businesses in lots of different industries. I have learned something new from each website and always try and do new innovative things.

PPC - Pay Per Click

Adwords has become huge. While adwords is not always the best strategy to get customers because of how quickly you can spend money. If you do not have experience learning about adwords it is probably better you stay far away. However I have worked with more than just adwords. I have plenty of experience with trafficjunky as well as microsoft ads.


Marketing has an incredibly broad definition. Marketing is a dying industry. The marketing days of “Mad Men” where you could have a scotch in your office are dead. The world is just too competitive now. With so much focus on digital advertising real world advertising can work and be effective if you are willing to take a chance and be controversial (In a good way).


I am not the best salesman in the world. However I enjoy trying to do sales and find it rewarding when I can get a customer to go through with the sale. I have sold art pieces for $2900 granted I was the only person on the internet selling them.

Content Creation

Everything on this site is created by me. I know how to do content. Content is still king but it has to be GOOD content. Check out my blog where I create two to three 2000 word blog posts about the future of the cannabis market every week.

Customer Service

If you’re not willing to pick up the phone and answer any questions your future customer has you might as well forget about the sale and close up your ecommerce business. To be able to sell online, you need to increase your trust factor. If a customer is able to pick up the phone and talk to you, chances are there will trust you a lot more.

Animation Videos

Animation videos are a cute and fun way to differentiate yourself from your competitors. Think about an animated video on your website like an animated elevator pitch. You can explain your business and benefits to your customers in 1 min. Users are more likely to watch an animated video than to read every little detail on your website.

Truth & Honesty

Part of my value proposition is that I will always tell you the truth. My job is to explain aspects of your online business to you without using sleazy “SEO” terms. I’m not going to try and confuse you, I might not understand what the problem is with your business and I will tell you that I don’t understand. I believe I can be a valuable asset by simply telling the truth.

Always Learning

I know what I don’t know, and there is a lot I don’t know. What I do know is that I am always trying to learn and educate myself. The economy of the future is going to require constant learning to stay up to date with new strategies and tactics. The older you get the harder learning becomes which is why I try to keep my learning muscle strong.