So you’re thinking about the future cannabis market? It’s almost certain that a few entrepreneurs billionaires will emerge out of this industry within the next 15 years. Now is the perfect time to get into this market because of how steep the learning curve is right now. If you wait for cannabis to be federally legal the market will already be flooded with people trying to make a buck. There can be serious legal ramifications if you make a mistake, that’s why I have spent the last few years learning about the different aspects of this future business.


Firstly I am going to state I am not a lawyer and if you are looking for real legal advice you need to consult a lawyer that specializes in Cannabis. If you need help finding a lawyer in your state contact me and I will help you for free. The laws surrounding the cannabis industry are incredibly complex and vary state to state. Use this to your advantage. 99% of people do not have the time or focus to seriously learn about the cannabis laws of the state that they live in. If you are serious about starting a cannabis business would you be willing to move to a state with much less aggressive laws?


I am far from an expert at cannabis cultivation, firstly I have never grown a plant before. However in the last few years learning about cannabis I have talked to growers all over the country for the last year and have tried to learn as much as possible, turns out like everything else the more you learn the more you realize how little you know. Frankly I am more confused about the intricacies about cannabis growth then when I started. However the slang for cannabis is “weed” as in it grows like a weed and will pretty much grow anywhere. If you have questions about cultivation of cannabis contact me and I will put you in contact with a grower in a state where cannabis has been legalized.

Cannabis Retail Stores

Just because I claim to be “The Ecommerce Doctor” doesn’t mean that I don’t have experience dealing with physical retail stores. Firstly the laws are a long way from making a cannabis ecommerce business possible. Secondly retail stores are not dead and oftentimes are much more profitable than an ecommerce business. I believe much like liquor stores people will still prefer to get their cannabis at a physical location rather than having it being shipped to them. Retail stores can make over a million dollars a year if you do your market research correctly. Also do not fall into the trap of thinking that an ecommerce business is much easier and much less stressful than running an ecommerce business. If you do not have a technical background you can easily get scammed by “SEO Experts”. Contact me today to find out how I can help you for free!