You Are Probably Being Scammed By Your SEO Company

SEO is an umbrella that covers hundreds of different aspects of running a successful online business. Over the years I have accumulated first hand knowledge of web development, lead generation, conversion rate optimisation, customer service, marketing, and everything that falls under the giant SEO umbrella. There are lots of scammers in this industry, I don’t know everything about SEO but I will tell you the truth and do my best to help your business succeed.

I Consider Myself To Be An Ecommerce Growth Expert.

I consider myself to be an ecommerce growth expert. Unfortunately there is no magic solu­tion for your ecommerce business that will turn your website into an overnight success. Most business owners don’t like to hear this, but it’s the truth. Starting an ecommerce business in 2019 is brutally competitive, this isn’t 2006 anymore. My career mission is to help e-commerce business owners find a crystal-clear path to scaling as well as offering them the tools and knowledge to make their dream business a reality. Don’t get fooled into thinking that after starting an online business you will be able to sit back and kick your feet up. Ecommerce businesses can be more work and less profitable than a traditional retail store. The “E-commerce Doctor” is my personal resume website where I mainly blog about the future of the cannabis market.

Creating The Perfect Customer Experience

Seeing my clients rapid, transformational results is rewarding to me. It makes me excited to be able to prove that I understand the complexities of ecommerce. I have been able to keep the same clients for years by delivering what I promise to do. I cannot say for certain where SEO is moving to but I can say that user experience is becoming more and more important. Ecommerce is all about customer trust, when someone buys something from Amazon they know their data is safe, the customer also knows that they will receive the product they ordered.


I have spent the last few years learning about the future of the canna­ bis market. I believe that this will be thecash crop of the 21st century. Right now is the perfect time to get into this industry before it is flooded withcompetition. If you do decide to get into the cannabis industry make sure to check out the laws and regulationsin your state.If you don’t want to spend a year researching the industry con­ tact me and let me help you out.Check out my blog for articles about the future of cannabis.